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| terça-feira, 3 de maio de 2011

According to my blog statistics, I have some oversea readers (impressive, huh?), but I don’t know how accurate those statistics are, so I’ve been wondering if that information is real (I hope it is, lol), then I thought “the only way for me to be sure about that is asking on a post”, so here I am asking you, if you are a foreign reader, please let me know, so that I can translate to English (the other language I speak), by myself, some of my short-stories, ‘cause I know how lame that translator on the sidebar is, as a matter of fact I really don’t know if I can write in English as good as I do in my mother language, but I’ll give a shot.
Well, probably everybody will think that I’m stupid, but I don’t care, if you want to see some stories in English, just let me know.
See you (or not).

Post meramente (des)informativo, a vida continua, então continue lendo, hehe.
Abraço, galera e para aqueles que se interessam, eu ainda estou sem internet em casa, tô usando na casa do meu pai por esses dias, ou seja, ainda ficarei mais sumido, mas com posts programados para não me afastar do blog.

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{ Shuzy } at: 3 de maio de 2011 13:50 disse...

Volte quando puder... E... Pode deixar, estou tratando seus peixinhos...!

{ R. Souza } at: 4 de maio de 2011 13:01 disse...

muitas saudades dos seus textos.. desculpa a infinita demora!

{ florestadeversos } at: 4 de maio de 2011 20:13 disse...

it`s my first time in your blog, so, im here to make some contact with you and ask you if u want trade link with me (in fact, with my blog).
i think u will like because im write romantic and traditional poetry, and if u accept put my link here (in your blog), i'll put your link in my blog too.
So, visit me and tell me what you think about (and leave a comment too, i will like it!)
thanks, and i hope you return soon.

And sorry for my bad english.

Leonardo Dognani

{ Leticía Gomes } at: 4 de maio de 2011 20:28 disse...

i live in germany!
hahahaha kidding

i think the foreingners come accidentaly to the site, or maybe their computer is configured with a different language but they are actually brazilian.
i got this on my blog too (but your views are probably a hundred times bigger)

long time, isnt it ro?

{ Babizinha } at: 4 de maio de 2011 21:32 disse...

Não entendi o que você falou, mas volte logo, ok? rs

Ei, tem meme para você lá no meu blog (



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